In 2003, 19 years ago, BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd first became a part of the Corian Quality Network. It was considered a big achievement then and just as big an acheivement now.

We are pleased to state that BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd has continued to be part of the Corian® Quality Network Partnership. This partnership has been reviewed on a number of occasions, with the most recent, and significant, taking place earlier this year. We are extremely proud to retain our position within this prestigious network, standing alongside a number of other, very high quality fabricators.

Why is this network important?

This network is very important, because it is an elite group of fabricators who have chosen, and been chosen, to work more closely as a partnership. For us it is important as it lends itself to qualifying our position as a leading fabricator of Solid Surface within the UK market, ensuring that we are producing and upholding the high quality standards necessary to be part of this network.

BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd has been a fabricator of Solid Surface for 23 years , although our history extends beyond that to when David and Betty Bailey ran Bailey Shopfitters Ltd, which was what was considered an OEM fabricator back then.

On April 15th 1998, David and Betty took the decision to open a business completely dedicated to the fabrication of Solid Surface. This company is BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd.

During our 23 years of trading, we have been pleased to work with a number of very high quality materials, but the material that started it all was Corian®.

Back when BSF began in 1998, there were significantly less materials to choose from, Corian® was, and still is, the market leader, with an enviable range of colours to select from and complementary sinks and vanities to choose from.

Back then, what we really aspired to achieve was Quality Network status, as this truly meant that we were recognised as the quality fabricator we were and continue to be.

This happened for us, as mentioned before, around 2003, which was amazing and provided us, and our customers, with the comfort of the support from the Quality Network.

Over the years this network has been reviewed and changed a number of times, but we are happy to state that we have maintained and retained our status at each review.

The latest review occurred earlier this year and we continue to remain a part of the Corian Quality Network Partnership – or QNP as it is known throughout our industry.

What does this mean for our valued customers?

This means our customers can be assured that we have been evaluated for our quality standards, providing peace of mind, something that cannot be bought.

All projects manufactured using Corian® are covered by the 10 year limited installed warranty.

Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold, and something we consider to be beyond valuable.

Being QNP, as well as approved for all the other major players in the industry, positions us as a fabricator to trust for our quality as well as our ethics and morals.

We are a traditionally, modern, family business, embracing new trends and techniques to encapsulate both our belief in being cutting edge as well as offering great customer service, both of which are incredibly important to us.

If you would like to talk to us about your next project in Solid Surface please do get in touch.

Take care

Nicola x


Nicola Barden is the Managing Director of her family business, BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd, offering high end, bespoke counter surfaces from Solid Surface, a high end man made stone, for both commercial and residential projects, website

She can be contacted on or give her a call on 01277 263603 if you want to chat about anything, or nothing in particular.

In her spare time she can be found with her husband, son, two cats and crazy dog. They enjoy going to the zoo, the park, the rides and anything that allows their energetic son to expend his endless amounts of energy!