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Let’s talk about us, BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd. The idea was conceived in Las Vegas at the airport, following a visit undertaken by the founders David and Betty Bailey in 1998.

Here is the interesting part, David and Betty had been using Solid Surface in their projects as Shopfitters for a number of years, so considered themselves experts in Solid Surface fabrication, so when the opportunity to attend the ISSFA (International Solid Surface Fabricators Association) arose they thought why not, they could have a jolly on the company and learn a bit about how to use the material more in their Shopfitting.

Whilst there they attended seminars that blew their minds away, so much so, that before they had even entered the aircraft to come home to the UK they had crafted their business plan, chosen the name and made the decision to start a new company, BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd.

Since this time, Betty and David have taken a step back and Nicola and Paul are now the daily driving force behind BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd, making us a true 2nd generation family run business.

At BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd, we’re not just a team; we’re a tight-knit family dedicated to high-quality craftsmanship and top-notch customer service. Working closely with our clients is our passion, and we live to turn Solid Surface dreams into reality. As 3-Dimensional thermoforming specialists, we can turn everyday items like worktops, vanity units, and countertops into works of art. We thrive on challenges, taking risks, and offering creative solutions to turn design problems into triumphs. Join us on this adventure where your dreams take shape with BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd!

We pride ourselves on being a close, integrated team. Together we embrace the principles of quality and customer service, whilst delivering the highest levels of craftsmanship to our valued customers. Working with our clients is our principle ethos – unlocking the potential of Solid Surface to make design dreams into reality.

As a 3-Dimensional thermoforming specialist, we can produce a range of everyday items such as worktops, vanity units, and countertops, as well as being able to effectively manipulate Solid Surface to achieve amazing shapes and curves. We love a challenge and are known for taking risks and offering creative solutions to difficult design problems.


Solid Surface is an amazing man made material that has an incredible range of applications!

Also known as Acrylic Stone or Synthetic Stone, Solid Surface is the perfect choice when looking for a material to use for countertops, trough sinks and more. It combines the power of acrylic or polyester resins with fillers like aluminum trihydrate to create something truly extraordinary.

Now, let’s talk about all the amazing benefits of Solid Surface. It’s an extremely durable material and stain resistant, making it easy to keep looking its best.

It is non-porous, which means it won’t absorb anything, keeping it clean, hygienic, and fighting off any bacteria or mould.

Solid Surface can be seamlessly joined together, creating a flawless, smooth, sleek appearance. One of the many advantages is having the ability to create countertops with sinks seamlessly built right in, with inconspicuous joins.

If any scratches or damage do come its way, fear not! The material can be easily repaired with a bit of sanding and polishing, restoring its incredible beauty in no time.

Solid Surface comes in a wide array of vibrant colors, captivating patterns, and tantalizing textures. You can truly let your creativity run wild and customise your space to perfection.

Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, or even your furniture, Solid Surface is the ultimate addition to any residential or commercial project!

There are so many brands to choose from, including the brand leader, Corian, Hi Macs, Durasein, Durat, Hanex and Staron.

Each one brings its own range of colours and features to the Solid Surface spectrum of choice.

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“To be recognised as a leading expert fabricator of Solid Surface in the UK”.



“To deliver unparalleled Solid Surface solutions, by bringing our customers vision to life”.

The imagination is your limitation.


Our Core Values underpin our business and are the foundation of everything we do:

We do what we say we are going to do. We deliver the best service to our customers, while supporting the wellbeing of our team and the growth of our Industry.

We do the right thing by our people, our suppliers and those we serve. We are fair, transparent, and reliable. We deliver on our promises, without compromising our values.

We are a passionate bunch! We LOVE Solid Surface. We live it, breathe it educate about it and advocate for it. We are passionate about our people, products, projects, and service.

If it can be done, we will find a way. We are not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to creativity. We take risks because we can. Our skills and expertise allow us to tread where other companies won’t.

We deliver the highest quality Solid Surface projects on time and on budget.

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Our Team

David Bailey C.a.D.
David Bailey C.a.D.

Founder & Chairman

David Bailey C.a.D. on LinkedIn
Nicola Barden BA (Hons) ILM
Nicola Barden BA (Hons) ILM

Managing Director

Nicola Barden BA (Hons) ILM on LinkedIn Contact Nicola Barden BA (Hons) ILM via Email
Paul Bailey BSc. (Hons) Arch Ph.D
Paul Bailey BSc. (Hons) Arch Ph.D


Paul Bailey BSc. (Hons) Arch Ph.D on LinkedIn Contact Paul Bailey BSc. (Hons) Arch Ph.D via Email
Alison Bott
Alison Bott

Project Manager

Alison Bott on LinkedIn Contact Alison Bott via Email
Ellie Scasbrook
Ellie Scasbrook

Customer Relations Advisor

Contact Ellie Scasbrook via Email Ellie Scasbrook on LinkedIn


Our story starts when the founders, David and Betty Bailey, who already had a successful shopfitting company, Bailey Shopfitters Ltd, that used Solid Surface in their projects, decided to go “on a jolly” to Las Vegas, to the first ISSFA (International Solid Surface Association) convention in 1998.

David is quite open in saying that he thought that there was little he could learn on this trip, and what a great chance to get some gambling in, in his favourite city, Las Vegas.

When they arrived, Betty insisted they attend at least one or two of the seminars so they could truthfully state that it was a business trip. They went and were blown away by what they did not know, what the material could do and what could be achieved. In short, they were so excited, they left Las Vegas, got to the airport to come home,  and crafted their business plan for their new company, and BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd was born.

That was 25 years ago…

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Photo of Founders – David and Betty Bailey

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Our Expert Team

We are a forward-thinking, innovative, and versatile company, and we love to embrace a modern approach to creative ideas and solutions.

Our involvement with complex projects over the years demonstrates our ability to approach all design challenges uniquely. Offering a full solution: from concept to completion, inclusive of surveying, templating, and installation to overcome the biggest of challenges, our objective is to make our clients’ lives easier.

Our amazing team has been loyal to BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd, for several years and is dedicated to the growth of the company and to providing our customers with outstanding service.

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