Why is Solid Surface called Solid Surface?

Why is Solid Surface called Solid Surface?

So, why exactly was Solid Surface chosen as the name for this innovative product?

The name was chosen because Solid Surface is just that, it is a completely solid, hard as stone, durable, man made surface.

It does what it says it does.

The material is manufactured to control the consistency of the appearance throughout the depth of a sheet.

When a sheet of material is cut, the colour/pattern/vein etc can be seen uniformly through the sheet.

Solid Surface Material Attributes

Solid Surface is a completely individual material, nothing else really looks and feels like it, take a look at this list of attributes!

As it is entirely man made, the sheets themselves are produced in batch codes, this helps ensure colour consistency if larger quantities are required for projects.

The material is entirely colour consistent and uniform throughout.

Unique colours can be created because it is man made.

Bright, funky colours are available which suit more contemporary designs.

It is smooth and sleek to the touch

It can be joined together seamlessly.

You can join it together to create larger shapes and sizes and the join lines will be indiscernible, a major plus for many projects which are looking for a sleek, continuous form to their design.

It is entirely waterproof, non-porous, germ repellent and stain resistant, making it the perfect choice for anywhere where food is prepared such as domestic and commercial kitchens, as well as being ideal for bathrooms, laboratories or reception areas (and just about anywhere else really).

It’s such a durable material, which is so easy to clean and maintain, just the use of household cleaner, perhaps with a little bleach, used with a micro-fibre cloth or damp sponge should be adequate to keep it in tip top condition.

It can be thermoformed (heat treated) to create three dimensional curves and shapes, that other materials cannot achieve.

On top of that, it is repairable, unlike some other materials, so if it should be damaged, it can, in most cases be repaired.

It does not require any form of sealing due to being entirely non-porous.

There are so many great attributes that make this the perfect material for so many different applications.

Hope this blog was of use to you, to take a read of our previous blog about the Science behind the product, please click the link below 👇🏻

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