Where can you find Solid Surface?

Where can you find Solid Surface?

Where can you find Solid Surface- The Invisible Product that is everywhere 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hi Macs floating display unit in White for McAfee

Have you ever noticed a funky, curved, reception desk and thought wow, that’s cool?

It was quite probably made from Solid Surface.

This blog digs deeper into the fascinating world of Solid Surface, discussing where you can find this amazingly versatile material, what can actually be made from it, and why it is the natural choice for many projects.

But before we talk about the wide variety of places that you can find Solid Surface, lets quickly recap on the main attributes of the material that enable it to be used in so many projects worldwide

A list of Solid Surface attributes

How can you tell if something is Solid Surface?

It is still surprising how many people are unaware of the existence of Solid Surface yet walk past it on a huge number of occasions and in a wide variety of places.

Although Solid Surface has been around in the UK since 1979, and is a well established product, I find that it is often confused with other hard surface materials such as quartz, engineered stone, granite, stone and marble.

Although they are not identical to each other, they each look and feel luxurious.

So, how can we tell them all apart?

Solid Surface is a more modern, contemporary looking material. It has a warmer feel to the touch. This material can be worked into larger shapes and sizes, with no obvious joins, than the other materials mentioned. It can be curved and shaped and have sinks and vanity sinks integrated to appear as one homogenous piece.

One important point to make about the use of Solid Surface is that although everything manufactured is hand made and to a bespoke design, because it is a uniform material, it is also totally replicable.

So, if there is a project where a large quantity of a certain shape and size is needed, this can be achieved using Solid Surface.

material comparisons

Where can you find Solid Surface?

When we talk about where Solid Surface may be encountered, we mention some of the high end places it has been used, but the truth of it is that Solid Surface is used literally EVERYWHERE…

If you venture into an airport, or a shopping centre, offices, restaurants, universities, schools, museums, coffee shops, hairdressers, laboratories, or bars etc you are bound to see it, even if you don’t realise.

It is often a favoured choice in commercial and domestic kitchens and also in high end residential developments.

In our next blog we will talk about what can be made using Solid Surface and where you might see these items…

Hopefully you found this blog to be useful, to take a read of our last blog about why Solid Surface is called Solid Surface, please click the link below ⬇️⬇️

Why is Solid Surface called Solid Surface?
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