The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it stands to reason that a lot of time, investment and effort will go into getting the kitchen worktop just right. We all want to feel relaxed and able to be comfortable in our home.

It is fair to say that the kitchen worktops are often the most focal point of any kitchen, being the most heavily used and visible element.

It is so important, therefore, that this element is considered with a great deal of care, when making the choice about which kitchen worktop to buy, it is can be an expensive purchase, which should last for years.

We have gathered some relevant information about some of the most popular kitchen worktops available today, so that this, potentially overwhelming decision can be made.

In this blog we focus on those that we have found to be most popular

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Glass
  • Quartz
  • Laminate
  • Solid Surface

These are only a few of the choices available, there are a number of others that could also be considered.


  1. Marble is a completely natural, beautiful material, which has entirely unique colours, as it is sourced directly from the earth
  2. It is heat resistant and long lasting
  3. It looks and feels luxurious
  4. It is expensive
  5. It is very heavy
  6. It is recommended to seal marble, although it is best to speak to a professional about this
  7. Cannot be joined together seamlessly
  8. Matching sinks can be provided
  9. It is a porous material that does require sealing


  1. Granite is a completely unique, natural, luxurious material, which is also mined from the earth
  2. The colours of granite cannot always be guaranteed as they are completely natural, no two stones are identical
  3. Granite is fairly non-porous, but it is still advisable to seal against chemical or damage
  4. It can be an expensive choice
  5. It is a heavy product, so care needs to be taken when installing
  6. Cannot be joined together seamlessly
  7. Matching sinks can be provided


  1. Glass counter tops are available in a number of colours and patterns including transparent and translucent.
  2. Glass is long lasting and non porous
  3. Glass is resistant to stains and chemicals
  4. Glass can be damaged and scratched and is not as easily repaired as other materials
  5. Cannot be joined together seamlessly


  1. Quartz is a man made material made from crushed stone and resin
  2. It is very durable, rarely chipping and is scratch resistant, but it is not advisable to cut on it.
  3. There is a wide range of colours available
  4. It is easy to clean and maintain, making it very hygienic
  5. It is heavy
  6. Can be repaired if damaged but may prove costly
  7. Can be cracked
  8. Brands of Quartz include Silestone. Caesarstone.
  9. Matching sinks can be provided


  1. Wood worktops need to be oiled or sealed to protect them
  2. Wood improves with age
  3. Wood worktops are solid throughout
  4. Wood worktops can be stained and damaged by chemicals
  5. Wood is not heat or water resistant
  6. Cannot be joined together seamlessly


  1. Laminate is a low budget option for kitchen worktops, with many colours and patterns available
  2. Laminate is lightweight
  3. Laminate is non porous and is chemical and stain resistant, therefore it is easy to clean
  4. It is relatively hardwearing, but can be damaged
  5. It is not heat or steam resistant
  6. Cannot be joined together seamlessly

Solid Surface

  1. Solid Surface is a hard as stone, completely man made product, manufactured using a by product of aluminium mining known as ATH cmbined with acrylic.
  2. There are a wide range of brands available in Solid Surface – Corian, Hi Macs, Staron, Hanex, Durasein- therefore there is also a big variety of choice
  3. The material, as it is man made, provides a more uniform, solid look, throughout than other worktop choices.
  4. Whilst not the cheapest material on the market, it is very cost efficient. Each item fabricated is covered for ten years under the manufacturers warranty. It honestly will outlast this if cared for, which in itself is easy.
  5. It can be seamlessly joined together so that it appears as one homogenous piece, “L” shapes and “U” shapes appear as one. This prevents any nasties such as germs, bacteria, dirt, grime or mould to grow.
  6. One of the most appealing advantages of Solid Surface, besides the ability to be seamed together as one, is that there are a range of sinks available that can be integrated seamlessly into the worktop. (see photos below). Therefore there is nowhere for dirt, bacteria and germs to lurk.
  7. Solid Surface is non porous, germ repellent and stain resistant, so there is nowhere to harbour any of horrible bacteria, germs or dirt.
  8. It can be shaped and formed into different shapes and sizes, so it is also used extensively for things other than kitchen worktops due to this attribute.
  9. It is heat resistant, although it is recommended to use trivets/ hot bars when using.
  10. It is not a load bearing material and does require a substrate support, however, once this is provided it is very strong.
  11. It is extremely durable, however, should it become damaged, it can be repaired and renewed.
  12. One of the things to consider about any worktop is how easy it is to clean. As Solid Surfaces does not stain, due to being non porous, it is easy to clean. Use of ordinary houshold cleaners will very efficiently clean worktops in a jif.
  13. Solid Surface can stand the test of time, outlasting many other surfaces. Because it can be resanded back to its original glory, it really is a worthy investment for the home.

This is our director, Nicola’s kitchen, below, which was installed in 2012, and now in 2021, it looks as good as the day it was installed.

Solid Surface Kitchen worktop gallery from Nicola Barden

There really are so many choices when deciding upon a kitchen worktop, it is important to do some homework.

We have also produced a handy kitchen worktop guide, which you can download here

Obviously we are a bit biased as my company is a Solid Surface specialist, however, we do believe that our customers should make informed choices, which is why we have taken the time to put this article and guide together.

If you would like to talk to me about your Solid Surface kitchen worktop choice, please do give us a ring on 01277 263603, or drop me an email info@test-2.local, or check out our website


Nicola Barden is the Managing Director of her family business, BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd, offering high end, bespoke counter surfaces from Solid Surface, a high end man made stone, for both commercial and residential projects, website