Solid Surface Industry Terms

In any industry there will be terms that are “jargon” and are not necessarily well known by those who do not use them regularly.

The Solid Surface Industry is no exception this.

The following are terms that are used on a regular basis, so it seems fair to provide a summary of those we use more than others.

Ex works- This literally means collected from our premises, no delivery or installation is included.

Downstands- the front edge of the worktop

Ladder substrate – the means of support made of either MDF or Plywood, which looks like a ladder

Thermoforming- the use of heat to treat the material to create curves and shapes

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Cleat- a supportive piece of material normally stuck to the underside of the join to reinforce and add strength

Seam- the joint of one piece of material to another to create the overall item.

Square Upstand- A piece of the same material which can be stuck onto the worktop, against a wall. This will not look as one piece and is normally sealed with a silicon seal.

Coved Upstand- a piece of the material which has been glued to the worktop as one piece and is in place before installation takes place. It is not sealed with silicon as it is part of the worktop.

Seal- where the space between the worktop and/or the wall or upstand is “sealed” by use of silicon/mastic (we do not take care of this process- a mastic man is usually involved at this point).

Inlay- where a piece of material that is a different colour is inlayed into the worktop to create a different look.

If you find that the terms used when chatting to us don’t make sense, because we have lapsed into jargon, please give us a nudge. Ask questions, they are so important to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

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Nicola Barden is the Managing Director of her family business, BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd, offering high end, bespoke counter surfaces from Solid Surface, a high end man made stone, for both commercial and residential projects, website

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