Design your Solid Surface

Room Builder

Below you can see the option to design your own space and worktops using the Home By Me website. This is a free application.

You will need to sign up for a free account, which gives you the option to produce 3 Free projects. The aim of providing this application is simply so you have a means to consider how you will want your countertops to be laid out in your space, and share this proposed design with us through our “Get a Price” page. We will be able to access and look at your design and provide a cost on the basis of the material you are interested in. 

Please scroll down the page to access the Room Builder application.

A quick guide to using the Room Builder is below:

Design your Solid Surface

1. Sign up and select to create a new Room

Design your Solid Surface

2. Select a Room Style and Size

Design your Solid Surface

3. Choose Add Furniture to your space

Design your Solid Surface

4. In the search bar enter "Countertop Edges". You will then see Worktop with 4 adjustable edges. Add to your project 

Design your Solid Surface

5. Insert countertop and change size as required

Design your Solid Surface

6. Keep adding items until you are happy

Design your Solid Surface

7. View your design in 3D if you wish, and save the project

Design your Solid Surface

8. Go back to the project home and click on "Share"

Design your Solid Surface

9. Copy the link and send it to us via "Get a Price"

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