How ‘Repairable’ is Solid Surface?

Not wishing to repeat a theme, but here at BSF we are quite often asked about the differences between Solid Surface, natural stone (Quartz, Marble), and indeed other man-made products such as Silestone and Ceasarstone. 

One of the biggest differences – outside of things such as Solid Surface being non-porous and shapeable in 3-dimensions – is the fact it can be repaired and re-finished with ease. 

In our last blog we gave you some visual examples from a real project where a section of a Solid Surface countertop was broken, and indeed how it appeared seamless once again after a repair. You can’t do that with other forms of stone – and indeed maintain a warranty. 

In this blog we simply want to give you a ‘before’ and after’ view of Solid Surface pre and post a re-finish. 

Like anything, over time things happen to Solid Surface – be this on a worktop, vanity unit, kitchen countertop, desk or otherwise. It is natural. These are items to be used, and in public areas (especially) people don’t necessarily care for areas like as if it was their own. 

Without further ado please take a look at the following picture, provided by a client of BSF’s in relation to damage, over time, to a Solid Surface vanity top:

Scratched Solid Surface - Before
Before a re-finish

The appearance is even more noticeable because a dark solid surface has been used. But scratches are clear and apparent. 

However….a couple of hours later, and:

This truly is the same vanity top. As we’ve highlighted throughout our blog posts Solid Surface can be easily rejuvenated back to it’s original appearance. This is one of the true benefits of the material unlike other stones. 

The ability to seamlessly repair, or rejuvenate Solid Surface will depend on a number of factors, but here at BSF we will always work with you to find the best solution to ensure your Solid Surface remains as good a new!

If you are interested in talking to us about your projects, or need some advice, literature or samples, please get in touch with us on 01277 263603 or drop us a line to info@bsfsolidsurfaces.com.

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