Do you ever compare things that are actually entirely different to each other? 💁🏻‍♀️

This is often the case with Solid Surface. which is regularly compared to marble, granite, quartz and stone.

🤩Yes, they are all considered high end materials, used for same and/or similar things.

🤩Yes they are all attractive to the eye.

🤩Yes they are all hardwearing and functional.

But to be honest, there are as many differences as there are similarities between these fabulous materials.🤷🏻‍♀️

Below is Quartz

Below is Solid Surface

Below is Stone

Below is Solid Surface

✅Solid Surface is man made from natural products.

✅Stone, marble and granite are carved from the ground and are entirely natural.

✅Quartz is classed as a man made, engineered stone. It is made up of 90% natural ground quartz stone, silica sand, resins and polymers which binds it together.

I could spend all day extoling the virtues of Solid Surface, but let’s be honest, some will love it, other people will prefer other materials.

That is perfectly normal, we all like different things.

If you would like to know more; send us a message or email, call us on 01277 263603, take a look at our website, follow us on social media or sign up to our regular update, “The Voice of Solid Surface”.


Nicola Barden is the Managing Director of her family business, BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd, offering high end, bespoke counter surfaces from Solid Surface, a high end man made stone, for both commercial and residential projects, website www.bsfsolidsurfaces.com

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She can be contacted on nicola@bsfsolidsurfaces.com or give her a call on 01277 263603 if you want to chat about anything, or nothing in particular.

In her spare time she can be found with her husband, son, two cats and crazy dog. They enjoy going to the zoo, the park, the rides and anything that allows their energetic son to expend his endless amounts of energy!

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