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Since BSF’s inception the company has continued to successfully achieve all design, fabrication, and logistics challenges. Not only does this relate in the creation and global installation of exceptionally conceptual and bespoke forms, but furthermore managing the rapid production and installation of sequences of units across the spectrum of sectors making up the built environment (i.e. commercial, leisure, public sector, residential, and so forth).

The case studies below provides a small window into the world of BSF and what we are able to achieve using Solid Surface materials. We are proud to be a fabricator that does not shy away from challenges, but relishes in finding the solution!

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  • Forbury Place, Reading
  • London Transport Museum

The initial concept enquiry from the client outlined a need for 150mm thermoformed radius edges, with an indication that approximately 300 Linear Metres of Black solid surface would be required. This very requirement was a challenge in itself insofar that thermoforming Black would lead to discolouration of each piece unless extremely tightly controlled constraints were in place. We achieved this by the use of a water cooled aluminium pattern and fifty-tonne bespoke press, enabling us to have consistent production runs whilst also eliminating colour shading throughout the product.

The items were made as one continuous monolithic piece and manufactured to accept light boxes, graphics and text to suite the final design concept.

The angular displays were manufacturered in translucent white - meaning that particular care had to be taken to ensure that substrates and fixings were invisible. The features of the panels were back CNC cut with specific patterns, and internally illuminated.

The 'water feature' comprises of a white, thermoformed Corian base which was clad around the perimiter with Black LG Hi-Macs material. The water detail was achieved by overhead projection - which in turn gives an interactive water experience.

Production aside the completed components had to be shipped from UK to Bahrain for installation, and during the hot summer months! Therefore we utilised refridgerated containers for transportation which thus protected the solid surface from any damage due to the heat of the Middle-East, magnified by the metal container. A small sample of the completed work can be viewed below.

A striking, but exceptionally difficult and complex project, requiring BSF to form and clad the reception desk in LG Hi-Macs 'Orange'. Being a very dense colour this led to significant challenges in order to produce a final seamless appearance, onto a steel framework, which provided the appearance of the reception desk curving from the ceiling, to the floor, and back up into a mirrored column, connecting with the selected flooring which was employed to enhance the overall appearance. 

The overall form was achieved through intricate 3-dimensional thermoforming where the desk was made in accurate sections. These sections were then installed and seamed on site in order to complete the continuous appearance. The overall project was achieved working collaboratively with our client, West One Interiors. 

The display module has been constructed over a floating steel frame, which in turn further supports a continuous interactive screen.

The surface fabrication had to be manufactured as a monolithic piece, whilst being mechanically clear of the interactive screens embedded in the surface. The reason for this was that any conductivity between the surfaces would, in turn, cause the screens to malfunction. Further thought in the monolithic design was the ability for the client to access any requisite areas post-installation for servicing, repair, or updating to the interactive screens. 

The method applied in installing this project employed the use of 'plugs and pellets', which once finished are completely non-visible - meaning full structural integrity in each area, despite the floating appearance. A view of the finished interactive table can be viewed below.

Looking initially at the finished item you may be forgiven for not seeing the complexity of the project., This 5 metre high feature wall, designed by Aukett Swanke and made from LG Hi-Macs 'Nordic White', was constructed from individually thermoformed 'blades', each curving on a specific angle to create the overall 'slow motion' appearance of a 90 degree turn. The solid surface, flat at the base and 'moving' across the angles progressively, was mounted to a brass wall at precise positions to match  the desired visual effect. Each blade was individually comprised of multiple components and site seamed to create the stunning finish - which in turn featured in the LG Hi-Macs 2017 International Brochure. BSF completed 'Phase 2' of this project, a complete mirror image in an adjoining building, in May 2017.

Please click on the images below for a closer view of the project.

BSF were commissioned to undertake a number of elements of this refurbishment project for the London Transport Museum. 

All of the 'wavy' items throughout the museum, including troughs, baby changing units, reception desks, and urinal, representing a continual process of 'movement' were produced using specialist thermoforming and fabrication techniques in line with the exact criteria required by the Museum, and installed to generate the seamless appearance seen in the images below. 

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