Can too much choice cause overwhelm?

We are unique in our industry as we offer such a wide range of products.🙋🏻‍♀️

This gives our clients the benefit of a lot of choice.

The downside to this is that our customers can be overwhelmed by this level of choice.

Who knew there could be so many white? Or greys? Or blacks? 🤷🏻‍♀️

How do we help with this?

We ask our clients a series of questions that help us to assist them in their decision making process:

1. Colour?
2. Budget?
3. Lead time?
4. Where is it being used?
5. Being matched to anything else?
6. Drawing/ details available?

Once we have the answers to these questions, we can then offer advice and solutions, organise samples both physical and digital and provide a price.

As we offer completely impartial advice, our customers can be assured we will assist them to choose the right product for their needs.

Hey, you know who we are and what we stand for, give us a shout if you need samples, always happy to organise. Take care Nicola xx

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