Forbury Place Thermoformed Walling

What’s so special about Solid Surface?

We, at BSF Solid Surfaces are biased, as we believe the products we offer are, quite simply, the best in the market place, but the question is why do we feel so passionately about fabricating from Solid Surface material? Solid Surface material has been around for quite some time and has proven to be amongst […]

NAPP Thermoformed Reception Desk

Who are BSF?

Well, the answer is fairly simple, BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd a family run business who have been in the Solid Surface Industry for twenty years, AND, we are still as passionate about our business as ever! We fabricate using materials we believe in, including  Corian, Hi Macs, Staron, Hanex, Durat and the other major brands of […]

UEA Bench Seating

What and how do we template?

Templating is required to ensure that fabricated items will accurately fit into the area allocated for them. At this stage we have the opportunity to discuss and offer advice to our customers. Templating an item before fabrication will ensure that errors are captured before build and minimise the work required at installation, in turn reducing […]

Corian Quality Network

Why use an Approved Fabricator of Solid Surface?

BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd is a member of the Corian Quality Network of Fabricators,the LG Hi Macs Quality Club and the Approved Fabricator Lists for Staron, Hanex, Avonite and Durat in addition to all major Solid Surface material suppliers. What does this mean and why does this matter? This means that our workmanship, tools, quality and […]

ITN Bespoke Seating Area

Why should you choose Solid Surface over other surface options for your interiors?

Solid Surfaces such as Corian, Hi Macs, Staron, Hanex, Durat, Avonite and Tristone  are not new products to the market place, however, sometimes the extent of their potential as a material to choose is not recognised. So why opt for a Solid Surface over other hard surface choices such as marble, granite, engineered stone, stone and wood? Solid Surfaces can be […]

Kitchen Countertops

Worktops Scratch!

This statement includes Solid Surfaces such as Corian, Hi Macs, Staron, Hanex, Durat, Avonite and Tristone … as well as wood, granite, marble, stainless steel Silestone, Caesarstone, laminate, quartz, engineered stone: No Surface is Indestructible! When choosing your work surface don’t be fooled into believing that Solid Surface is much softer than granite and therefore scratches more readily. Yes it is true […]

Bank of China Bespoke Vanity Units

What do we mean by bespoke?

We talk a lot about bespoke fabrication of the products we offer, this is because everything we manufacture is handcrafted to specific sizes and shapes, even items produced for rollouts are treated as if they are one of a kind and manufactured by hand.We are proud to fabricate from Solid Surface material due to the […]

Bank of China Bespoke Vanity Units

We offer a HUGE choice of decors for any project!

A challenge for any project is to decide on the right décor for the design, especially for counter surfaces, reception desks, troughs and vanities, as these areas are often prominent and used frequently. Because we work with a variety of materials, including Corian, Hi Macs, Staron, Hanex, Durat, Avonite and Tristone  etc we are confident that there will be something that […]

Kitchen Countertop

Did you know Solid Surface is Non Porous?

Did you know that Solid Surface is non porous, meaning that liquid, stains and germs cannot penetrate its’ surface. This is true of all Solid Surface materials we work with, including Corian, Hi Macs, Staron, Hanex, Durat, Avonite and Tristone If cared for and cleaned properly, the growth of mould, mildew, bacteria and other nasty things can be avoided, unlike other […]

CHAS Certificate


We at BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd, are really pleased and proud to have achieved both CHAS and SMAS again this year, which again shows how committed we are to the Health and Safety of our employees, as well as remaining Compliant. For more information please take a look at our website, where you can […]