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The most frequently asked question!

Can I buy the material from you and fabricate it myself? The answer, we are afraid, is No. Corian, Hi Macs, Staron, Hanex, Durat etc are licenced materials, therefore, only qualified, quality assured, and suitably trained fabricators are authorised to purchase them. BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd create your desired items ensuring that the integrity and […]

Kingdom Street Reception

There are no stupid questions – Part 4

How long do Solid Surface items take to install? When on site, we endeavour to cause as little disruption as possible. The time we take installing depends entirely on what we are fitting and the site conditions we encounter, there is no “rule of thumb” as everything we manufacture is bespoke and made to clients’ […]

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There are no stupid questions – Part 3

Does Solid Surface need to be specially sealed? Unlike natural stone, marble, concrete or granite, Solid Surface does not need to be sealed as it is a non-porous, stain resistant material. This makes an attractive, low maintenance, surface choice. What do you mean by a template or survey? A template/ survey is when we come […]

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There are no stupid questions – Part 2

Below are a few more examples of questions we get asked on a regular basis: What do you mean by a coved upstand? Solid Surface can be worked so that the counter top curves upwards into the wall, leaving nowhere for crumbs, dirt, liquids etc to gather What do you mean by Three-Dimensional Thermoforming? Solid […]

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There are no stupid questions

Below are a few more examples of questions we get asked on a regular basis: We, at BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd, get asked A LOT of questions about the materials we offer, Corian, Hi Macs, Staron, Hanex, Durat and the other major brands of Solid Surface. What we would like to say, is there are […]

Forbury Place Thermoformed Walling

What’s so special about Solid Surface?

We, at BSF Solid Surfaces are biased, as we believe the products we offer are, quite simply, the best in the market place, but the question is why do we feel so passionately about fabricating from Solid Surface material? Solid Surface material has been around for quite some time and has proven to be amongst […]

NAPP Thermoformed Reception Desk

Who are BSF?

Well, the answer is fairly simple, BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd a family run business who have been in the Solid Surface Industry for twenty years, AND, we are still as passionate about our business as ever! We fabricate using materials we believe in, including  Corian, Hi Macs, Staron, Hanex, Durat and the other major brands of […]

UEA Bench Seating

What and how do we template?

Templating is required to ensure that fabricated items will accurately fit into the area allocated for them. At this stage we have the opportunity to discuss and offer advice to our customers. Templating an item before fabrication will ensure that errors are captured before build and minimise the work required at installation, in turn reducing […]

Corian Quality Network

Why use an Approved Fabricator of Solid Surface?

BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd is a member of the Corian Quality Network of Fabricators,the LG Hi Macs Quality Club and the Approved Fabricator Lists for Staron, Hanex, Avonite and Durat in addition to all major Solid Surface material suppliers. What does this mean and why does this matter? This means that our workmanship, tools, quality and […]

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Why should you choose Solid Surface over other surface options for your interiors?

Solid Surfaces such as Corian, Hi Macs, Staron, Hanex, Durat, Avonite and Tristone  are not new products to the market place, however, sometimes the extent of their potential as a material to choose is not recognised. So why opt for a Solid Surface over other hard surface choices such as marble, granite, engineered stone, stone and wood? Solid Surfaces can be […]