Solid Surface in Vertical and Horizontal Applications

It is amazing when you think about the very many uses for Solid Surface, it is a truly versatile material that can be used just about anywhere, within reason. This infographic puts, into very simple terms, some of the areas where Solid Surface is used on a regular basis, both vertical and horizontal. As Solid […]

Solid Surface Industry Terms

In any industry there will be terms that are “jargon” and are not necessarily well known by those who do not use them regularly. The Solid Surface Industry is no exception this. The following are terms that are used on a regular basis, so it seems fair to provide a summary of those we use […]

Corian® Quality Network Partnership

In 2003, 19 years ago, BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd first became a part of the Corian Quality Network. It was considered a big achievement then and just as big an acheivement now. We are pleased to state that BSF Solid Surfaces Ltd has continued to be part of the Corian® Quality Network Partnership. This partnership […]

Solid Surface -10 most frequently asked questions

Cutting through the confusion When a project names Solid Surface as the material, it can immediately conjure up questions for the person that needs to source it. It can be stressful and overwhelming scrolling through endless content on google at a time when you need a quick, straight to the point, honest answer. This is when […]