Solid Surface:10 most frequently asked questions

Cutting through the confusion When a project names Solid Surface as the material, it can immediately conjure up questions for the person that needs to source it. It can be stressful and overwhelming scrolling through endless content on google at a time when you need a quick, straight to the point, honest answer. This is when […]


Do you ever compare things that are actually entirely different to each other? 💁🏻‍♀️ This is often the case with Solid Surface. which is regularly compared to marble, granite, quartz and stone. 🤩Yes, they are all considered high end materials, used for same and/or similar things. 🤩Yes they are all attractive to the eye. 🤩Yes […]

Hygiene has never been so important… how can we help? 😷

Covid-19 has swept across the world, highlighting the need for hygiene and cleanliness more than ever! On the rare occasions I am out now (let’s face it none of us are getting out much at the moment) I find myself taking more notice than ever of my surroundings, evaluating how clean and tidy an area […]


Drum 🥁 roll please….. introducing BSF’s fitting teams Please be upstanding for our fitting teams and raise a glass 🥃 to Neil, Brian, Alan and Anthony. The unsung heroes who go to site and make the magic happen ✨ Who battle against all odds ( ok other trades- tilers , plumbers, electricians, floor layers etc) […]

Meet the team behind the scenes

They say behind every great man stands an even greater woman. In our case it’s a great team behind us! 😍 We would like celebrate our fabulous team…. drum roll please 🥁 Introducing: ☑️ Nicola MD☑️ Paul- Estimating / Production Director and my brother as well as being my partner in crime☑️ Allison- Office Manager- […]